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Are you content with your content?

Content Creation

You’ve already realized that your small business has to be on some form of social media these days. But to do it correctly, you’ve got to invest the time. Human Touch Media can write regular posts for many social media platforms and create info graphics, videos, and interactive content for your small business.

social media management

So now I’m writing all these great posts for you. Now what? Human Touch can manage all of your platforms for you and report regularly on how you’re doing. (Be prepared for your customers to mention how much they enjoy what you’re doing.)

small websites and corporate videos

Looking for a home on the web? We can do that. Want to make some cool videos but aren’t sure what to do? We got ya. No job is too big or too small. Need a video crew to come out? Or a professionally designed logo? A really super complex web site? I got guys for that.

We’re named this for a reason.

Folks, I know what it’s like to be outsourced. When you choose Human Touch, you’re only getting the best — ME. I’ll get to know you, your business, and the message you’re trying to convey. Cookie-cutter social media is really tiring, don’t you think? Human Touch takes it personally.


We take it personally.

Karen F. Accavallo

Founder/CEO/Fun Gal
Did I ever see myself with my own business? Nope. I figured I’d work for the Man for the rest of my life. When the Man decided otherwise, I decided to reinvent myself and finally put my talent to good use. Take advantage of 20 years of pent-up creativity!

Karen F. Accavallo

Chief Creative Officer
A little about the professional me. You can take the gal out of publishing, but you can’t take all the stuff you learn in 20 years out of the gal. I managed people, projects, egos, commas, semi-colons, and impossibly short schedules in my day. Think about how that can work for your small business.

Karen F. Accavallo

Executive Assistant to the CEO
A little bit about the personal me. I was taught to read while being potty-trained by my sainted mother. I have always considered myself a writer above all else, even when I’m not writing. My sense of humor comes from one person – my also-sainted father. I also love 80s music, the Dallas Cowboys, and cheese.

Little Karen

Office Manager
Little Karen has been with Human Touch since day one. Previously a corrections officer, she doesn’t let the fact that she has no lower body stop her. Little Karen makes sure the rest of the team does the job and puts customer satisfaction first.
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